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Losing Baby Weight

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Almost as soon as you give birth people are going to start asking you “when do you think you’ll lose the baby weight?” It’s possible someone has already asked that question. There is probably nothing worse for a new mom than to have her closest friends making her feel self conscious about her weight gain […]

HMB Powers the Abdominal Fat Loss Prowess of Resistance Training – Is This a Result of HMB Increased GH Increases?


Will HMB help you to finally see your abs? Only recently a study from the Jeremy Townsend et al. reported that the provision of β-Hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate free acid will increase the growth hormone response to resistance training (Townsend. 2015). Now, we all know that the growth hormone response is not, as some people may still believe, […]

Low carb diets may deplete body's nutrients

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Low carb diets may deplete body's nutrients Low carb diets have the reputation of effective tools for weight loss, but both dieticians and nutritionists send a warning message that this strategy could result in reduced fibre intake, which may help development of additional health problems. With … Read more on helpmeoutDOC News – A consistent […]

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